The following tapes are transferred from HI-8 8mm originals. There is no narration, just the raw sounds of the drags as it happened. 

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Atco, New Jersey :

ATCO-1 Atco New Jersey September 21, 2002- Nostalgia S/S, Gassers and Altered Wheelbase Funny Car Show- over 20 Nostalgia S/S, 20 restored gassers, and the 64 Plymouth of Pee Wee Wallace, the Virginian vs the Jakes Speed Shop Plymouth of Candies and Hughes. Plus a 2 round matchup between Bunny Burkett's alchohol funny car vs the Super Mario Brothers Monte Carlo jet funny car, 2 jet dragsters including the Queen of Diamonds driven by Aggie Hendriks, and the 1934 Ford Superwinch Wheelstander of Danny O'Day. From the starting line, ove 40 min of nostalgia racing action.  

Approx. 45 min.


Englishtown, New Jersey:


ET-17. First annual Funny Car Reunion July 28, 2002- The entire first round action as well as the funny car parade and cacklefest are on this 45 min tape. Some of the featured cars are Bruce Larson's USA-1 Camaro, the Zombie Firebird, Nitromare Mustang, Nitro Charger, Fascination Camaro, No Money No Funny Nova, Blue Angels Corvette, Bruce Neely's Arrow, War Horse Mustang, Lou Sgro's Challenger and more. Also included is Quick 8 competition as well as some of the nostalgia racing that went on all day long. 

Approx. 45 min.


ET-1. USSC Nitrous Nationals April 22, 1990- Carolyn Melendy’s Camaro, Animal Jim’s 1977 Mercury Zephyr, Wally Stroup, Mike Ashley, Bill Kuhlman, Ronnie Sox’s 1964 Comet, Christine 1958 Plymouth, the Witchdoctor Nova, Robbie Vandergriff’s 1957 Chevy, the Mega Ford and others plus local bracket action. 

Approx. 48 min.


ET-2. USSC Nitrous Nationals Oct. 21 1990 - Jeff Weddle’s blown Camaro, Wally Stroup, Animal Jim, the Witchdoctor Nova, Bob Losordo, Christine, Carolyn Melendy, Scotty Cannon’s Willys, Al Billis, Jim Oddy’s Corvette, Ronnie Sox, and others plus local bracket racing. 

Approx. 61 min.


ET-3. USSC Nitrous Nationals Oct. 13, 1991- Carolyn Melendy, Ronnie Sox, the Witchdoctor Nova, Animal Jim’s Wunderbird, Randy Moore’s Lamborghini Countach, the Predator, Jim Oddy’s Corvette, Jet funny cars. The Countach ran record times at this meet! Local bracket racing included. 

Approx. 43 min.


ET-4. USSC nitrous Nationals April 12, 1992- Bob Losordo, Carolyn Melendy, Ronnie Sox, the Witchdoctor Nova, Wayne Torkelson’s east coast debut with his 1956 T-Bird, Charles Carpenter’s 1955 Chevy, the Jukebox Ford, Jim Oddy, Animal Jim and others. The Eastern Raider and Rock & Roll Thunder jet funny cars plus local bracket racing. Approx. 43 min.


ET-5. USSC Nitrous Nationals Oct. 18, 1992- Carolyn Melendy, the Jukebox Ford, Animal Jim, the Witchdoctor Nova, Ronnie Sox, Charles Carpenter, Jeff Weddle’s blown Camaro, the Bad Bird 1980 Thunderbird, and others plus jet funny cars. Local bracket racing included. 

Approx. 42 min.


ET-7. USSC Nitrous Nationals April 24, 1994- the Bad Bird, the Tin Indian 1933 Willys coupe, Animal Jim, Ronnie Sox, Scott Shafiroff’s 6.8 sec single 4bbl carbed Pontiac, Jim Oddy, Frankie’s Toy Lumina, Ed Guernaccia’s Le Baron, Mike Castellana’s “Awesome” 1967 Camaro, Wayne Torkelson, Rod Saboury’s 7 sec street legal Vette and others, plus local bracket racing. Approx. 

43 min.


ET-8. Super Chevy Sunday May 26, 1991- Wally Stroup, Jeff Littleton, Charles Carpenter, Bill Kuhlman, Jim Oddy, Ed Hoover, Robbie Vandergriff’s Soft Seal ‘57 Chevy[radically chopped body], Roger Gustin’s Black & Decker jet funny cars plus all the hot Chevy action. 

Approx. 56 min.



ET-9. Super Chevy Sunday May 17, 1992- Carl Moyer, the Predator, the CT Racing Chevelles, the Witchdoctor Nova, Ed Hoover, Carolyn Melendy, Tim McAmis, Roger Gustin’s jet Camaro funny cars plus Les Shockley’s triple jet engine Peterbuilt. Incredible fire show! Approx. 43 min


ET-10. 11th Annual Antique Drags & Rod Run August 5, 1990- nostalgia drag racing, hot rods, customs, Willys, plus the brackets. Great old stuff! Approx. 1 hr.


ET-11. Mopar Parts Nationals Qualifying May 19, 1995- Friday’s qualifying sessions both afternoon and nighttime ! Pro Stock Bike, Pro Stock, Funny Car, Top Fuel and more. Larry Dixon goes 4.66, Al Hoffman goes 306 mph twice! Nighttime header flames are wing and roof high! 55 min. of pure noise!


12. Mopar Parts Nationals Qualifying May 17, 1996- Again, Friday’s qualifyung sessions both afternoon and nighttime. Top Fuel, Funny Car, Pro Stock, Pro Stock Bike and more. All the top pros, wild burnouts and wheelstands, and those wing and roof high header flames! You can almost smell the nitro! Approx. 1 hr.

13. Mopar Parts Nationals Qualifying May 16, 1997- Top Alcohol Dragster, Top Alcohol Funny Car, Pro Stock Bike, Pro Stock, Funny Car, and Top Fuel. Both day and night sessions. Skuza & Force burnout show. Header flames and LOUD crackling pipes. You can almost smell the fumes! Over 1 hr.

14. Mopar Parts Nationals Qualifying May 15 1998- Day and nighttime sessions. Top Alcohol Dragster and Funny Car, Pro Stock Truck, Pro Stock Bike, Pro Stock, Funny Car and the monster Top Fuel Dragsters. Ronnie Sox back in the NHRA fold, Roof and wing high header flames. Force runs 325 at night and Skuza lays down a 1000’ smokescreen. 1 hr 20 min.

15. Nitrous Shootout April 20,1997- hot wheelstanding bracket action starts the day, then come the Pro Mods! The Undertaker 37 Chevy, Terry Hall’s blown BMW, Mike Castellana’s 63 Corvette, Wayne Torkelson’s 55 T-Bird, Mike Fausher’s 67 Nova, Karl Moyer’s 69 Camaro, Rickie Smith’s 63 Corvette, 2 Hot Rods From Hell, a blown Fiat Topolino and a blown 32 Bantam, Tom Martino’s Mama Rosa Pizza Pro Stock goes 6.98! Rod Saboury’s 53 Corvette, 2 jet funny cars and more.

16. Nostalgia Drags featuring the Hot Rods From Hell Aug. 2, 1998- Nostalgia cars abound! Rods, Willys, and the Hot Rods From Hell circuit. Blown Willys, Fiats, T Roadsters, and Bantams. Long smokey burnouts and 6 second side by side passes plus a few surprises! Over 1 hr 30 min.





Long Island Dragway Highlight Tapes



1993- The Hemi Under Glass, Warren & Kurt Johnson, Larry Morgan, Jerry Eckman, Frank Ioconio, Joe Lepone,Jr, Pro Mods, Super Stocks, Nitro Bikes, Jets, TA/FC action, and guardrail banging action! Approx. 23 min.


1994- John Force, Cruz Pedregon, Jets, TA/FC’s, mountain motor Pros Stocks, Roy Hill, Carl Ruth, Billy Huff, Mike Bell, Harold Denton, the Little Red Wagon, Ronnie Sox, the Paddy Wagon and Superwinch wheelstanders, Jim Oddy’s ‘37 Chevy Pro Mod, Scotty Cannon’s ‘40 Willys plus all of the outstanding runs of the year. Approx. 47 min.


1995- the Best of 1995! Fuel Altereds featuring Bobby Lagana’s Twilight Zone T-Roadster, the Chicago Fire Fiat, Pro Mods, Super Stocks, Wheelstanding nitrous street racers, “hot bikes”, Super ET, Super Pro, Heavy, Street, and even a jet F/C! Wild, raw drag racing action. Approx. 41 min.


1996- The year in review on Long Island. Super Pro, Heavy, Street, even a Top Fueler! Slippery motorcycle runs. The hottest runs of the year by the Island’s best. They are all here in this tape. Approx. 50 min.

Notes from the host...:


From time to time, I am asked if I have any film from New York National Speedway. Although I have very little, there is someone who has more than enough to appease your appetite and will be very happy to get them to you. He is my very good friend, Phil Larsen. Phil has been filming and videotaping from the 60s to the present. He has attended races at N Y National, Connecticut Dragway, New England Dragway, Atco, and Englishtown. His recent move to Florida hasn’t slowed him down as he now does his taping at Bradenton Raceway. Phil is an early contributor to Jackson Brothers Drag Oldie Videos. His footage is amazing! You may call Phil at (941) 792-5616.


Although he is listed on my links page, I have to mention Jim Amos’ Bee On Video site: His video productions are well known by the drag racing fraternity. He has the footage and the knowledge, the right ingredients to make great drag racing tapes. He puts a lot of time and effort into his work. In fact, he even puts sound where there is none. You need to visit his website and get his tapes. You will not be disappointed.